Complaints Handling Policy

Complaint Management Process

The purpose of this document is to assist you lodge a formal complaint if you wish to do so and how and when we will respond to your complaint.

A person wishing to make a complaint may do so in writing to:

  • the staff member they were dealing with at the time, unless you are making a complaint about this person;
  • the Licensee, or if the complaint is about:
    • a product or service delivered by our company; the complaint will normally be dealt with by the relevant strata manager;
    • a staff member, the complaint will normally be dealt with by the Licensee;

Written complaints should be emailed through to

Procedures For Complaint Management

Our Licensee in charge will be responsible for:

Registering the complaint:

  • Registering the complaint in your companies’ complaints register
  • Informing the complainant that their complaint has been received and providing them with information about the process and time frame

Investigating the complaint:

  • We will examine the complaint within 5 working days of the complaint being received
  • We will inform the complainant via email within 10 working days of the complaint being received of what is being done to investigate and resolve the complaint, and the expected time frame for resolution. As far as possible, complaints or appeals will be investigated and resolved within 20 working days of being received. If this time frame cannot be met, the complainant will be informed of the reasons why and of the alternative time frame for resolution.

Resolving the complaint:

  • Deciding or referring to the appropriate people for a decision within 20 working days of the complaint being received
  • Informing the complainant of the outcome and any options for further action if required

What if I am unhappy with the resolution?

If you are not happy with the outcomes of a complaint, you may be able to lodge a complaint with Strata Community Association (NSW) or Fair Trading, their office will determine if it has the power to investigate your complaint.